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ALIEN: La Aventura is a video game based on the well-known fictional universe of adventure conversations. These were made famous by 8 bit gaming systems during the 80s.

Adventure conversations are games where text is a huge element and you have to carry out actions by writing them out as a command. So, if you want to open a closet with a key that you have, you must write, "Open closet with key."

ALIEN: La aventura is a video game from 2008 that is based on this sub-genre. In 2013 it was updated and works much better than the original version, with improvements made to the graphics of all the levels as well as to the sound effects that animate the place you're in or the task you are carrying out.

The best part of the game is that it draws on the drama from the ALIEN saga. Although the actions you carry out are done so in turns, the aliens run around in real time. So, you'll constantly be exposed to some danger as opposed to what normally happens in this type of game.
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